Accessible and Scalable
Secure Multi-Party Computation

Researchers at Boston University, together with collaborators at several other institutions and organizations, are developing open-source libraries, frameworks, and systems that enable the implementation and deployment of applications that employ secure multi-party computation in accessible and scalable ways. Please contact us if you would like to learn more or are interested in collaborating.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any technical limits on the types of computations that can be completed with secure MPC?
    In principle, any computation is possible to perform under MPC. However, the computation's cost (which could translate to time, computing resources, or communications overhead) may grow as the complexity of the computation and the amount of input data grow.
  • What burden, if any, does secure MPC put on the parties using it?
    MPC does not need to impose any new burdens on the data contributors; it can be incorporated into any existing data analysis workflow. However, MPC does require the existence of computing entities. As with any new workflow, the real burden in a (large) organization will be gaining consensus on which new technology to implement, educating relevant groups and departments about MPC, and developing expertise within the IT department to integrate MPC solutions into existing data storage and analysis infrastructures.